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This is my 5th entry to my Game A Week Challenge :)


I really had no special idea for this game. All I wanted to do is to begin learning the basics of 3D modeling and rigging/skinning in order to make a level design for a simple platformer.

What went well

Nothing was really hard to do this week because I was mostly reproducing stuffs that I was learning in various tutorials. In order to dive slowly but surely into the world of 3D modeling, I decided to use MagicaVoxel to model the hero and the props of my game. Also, to facilitate the rigging/skinning process of my hero, I chose to take some design shortcuts such as the fact that he has no arms and no legs.

What went wrong

Something went terribly wrong this week. Thursday late at night, I was putting the final touch on my hero. Everything was working fine : I imported it into UE4 and retargeting the UE4 mannequin animations on my hero worked like a charm. But, I don’t know why,i inadvertently deleted all of my work ! So I had to start all over again on Friday, which is why my game is not that complicated in terms of game design. The good side of it is that it gave me the opportunity to consolidate the things that I learned to do in Maya.

What I learned

Maya is really powerful and more user-friendly than I expected. I learned the basics of it such as : viewport navigation, materials basics, simple rigging/skinning. I also really like working with MagicaVoxel : it’s like pixel art but in. Despite the fact that I want to learn more about 3D art, following tutorials is very time-consuming. Therefore, I think that for my next week challenge,I’m going to focus more on game design and less on 3D stuffs.


05_AttackOfTheCrates.zip 90 MB

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