A downloadable game for Windows

This is my 9th game a week challenge entry. Yay! :D

Move Cubes : Arrows

This week was fun because, just like in a game jam, we all decided to work on a common theme which is : puzzle games. So for this week, I decided to make a game called « Both » in which you have to move multiple cubic shape pawns all at the same time in order to put them in their specific win zones.

What went well
This week was pretty fun because I really liked the game idea that I found and, at the time, it seemed that I wouldn’t have a lot of things to implement in order to make it work, but…

What went wrong
…I was wrong lol. A lot of things didn’t go as expected, starting with the pawns’ collisions which were always blocking their movements due to overlapping. It was so discouraging that, at some point, I almost decided no to submit a game for this week. Fortunately, everything started to work on Sunday and I was able to finish my game just in time.

What I learned
I learned how to move multiple pawns using a single controller. I’m also getting better at how to combine C++ with blueprints in order to get the most out of them both. 


Both.zip 86 MB