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This is the second entry of my game a week challenge. An endless runner in which you have to type the correct letters in order to go farther. Here's a little post-mortem:

I think I had a good idea at the beginning of this week. My game idea was about playing an army general giving orders to a noob soldier who is on the battlefield and who doesn’t know what to do.

What went well 
Despite the fact that I had a lot less time to work on this project than on the last week’s challenge, I like this week’s entry. Of course I had to cut through a lot of features, but I managed to put the most important ones just in time. 

What went wrong
My game is missing a buttload of features that I wanted to implement at first. This is due to the fact that this week was crazy in terms of time management. I had to prepare for our band’s first live concert (‘twas nice !), assist my students in their current project, and deal with the fact that I’m soooo exhausted…

What I learned
I dived into procedural level generation. It was fun, but I still have to work a lot if I want to improve my skills in this field. I also learned the « any key » input which is useful when you don’t want to map an event to each of your keyboard keys lol. And lastly, I continued working on save game slots in order to consolidate my knowledge of this UE4 feature.


Week2_DumbSoldier.zip 91 MB

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