A downloadable game for Windows


Move Plane : Arrows or ZQSD

Fire Weapon : Left Mouse Button

Dash : Right Mouse Button



My first goal for this week’s challenge was to continue on learning how to make games using C++ with the Unreal Engine 4. To do so, I had the idea of making a hardcore top-down shooter in which you play as a plane that has to dodge the enemies’ bullets and catch the golden ring in the middle zone of the arena.


What went well

Everything went well this week.


What went wrong

Nothing went wrong this week… Oh ! Except for the last hours of the challenge, when I found out that my project wouldn’t ship. But fortunately I managed to correct this problem just in time.


What I learned

I really enjoy programing in C++ and I’ve been doing this for more than 5 years now so I didn’t really have a lot of problem making this game. But like last week, I learned a lot of things related to the Unreal Engine’s C++ API. Things like : onscreen messages, raycasting, key binding, timers, and class finders.


DMWTPP.zip 92 MB

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