A downloadable game for Windows

Move Plane : Arrows or WASD
Fire Eraser : Space bar or Right Ctrl

The idea for this week was simple : I wanted to finally be able to make my first C++ game using Unreal Engine. The project I was aiming for was to make a simple pawn that can move around in space using C++ functions only. The idea of playing a paper plane came to me on saturday when I was finally getting a grasp of how things work in VS2017.

What went well
This week was difficult for me because I was having a rough time trying to figure out how to optimize my workflow with Visual Studio 2017 and Unreal Engine 4. Then, I found Visual Assist X : a tool that can replace intellisense which is pretty laggy when coupled with UE4. When I finally found how to configure and get the best out of VAX, everything was going great and I was able to dive back into C++ programming.

What went wrong
Nothing really, except for the Visual Studio configuration that I mentionned above.

What I learned
I learned a loooot of things related to C++ this week. This feels really great to finally be able to program in C++ using UE4. I also found cool new pieces of software that will improve my productivity as a software developer. I can’t wait to try them out for my game a week challenge.


Paper Dogfighters.zip 104 MB

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