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This is my 10th and final game a week challenge entry :)

Up/Down Arrows : Increase/Decrease projectile velocity
Left/Right Arrows : Orient cannon
Space bar : Launch projectile

Masbass chose the theme for this week’s challenge which is : Stuck on you. I decided to make a game in which you play a mortar that can launch a ball which react differently based on the type of wall that it hits. You have to reach the green platform at the end of the level. White walls teleport the mortar to the hit location, black walls make the ball bounce, red walls kill you.

What went well
Having a theme for each week facilitates the creative process and allows me to have ideas that I wouldn’t be able to find on my own. I had a really short amount of time for this week’s challenge, so I decided to make this game using blueprints instead of C++ in order to be able to finish it on time. Thanks to blueprints, everything went fine in terms of programming.

What went wrong
Time management was bad this week. I had to much things to do and wasn’t able to add everything that I imagined for this game.

What I learned
I learned about projectiles trajectory predictions, that’s all lol.


StickyBalls.zip 103 MB

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